SIRT FOOD DIET RECIPES FOR BEGINNERS : The Final Recipe Ebook to Lose Weight, Burn Fats and Keep Wholesome

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The Sirt diet is one of the most popular diet programs followed by celebrities. Very popular especially after the declaration of the singer Adele who admitted to having solved her weight problem thanks to this type of diet. In fact, keeping the line and respecting a healthy diet is easier if you follow an example, or a model. But what does this diet consist of? How does it stimulate our body to lose weight?

The Sirt diet is also called the “lean gene diet " and is a diet that promises to make those who follow it lose about three kilos in a week. It was born thanks to the research of two nutritionists Aidan Goggin’s and Glenn Matten who decided to focus their study on all those foods that stimulate sit-ins, from which the same diet takes its name. The sit-ins, discovered in 2003, are part of a family of genes, present in every single individual. Their ability is to be able to burn fat and improve longevity, hence the nickname "super metabolic regulators". In a nutshell these proteins are capable of speed up the metabolism so that it can consume more energy and consequently ensure weight loss. The peculiarity of this nutritional model lies precisely in not subjecting to mitigating sacrifices or fasts in order to lose weight; with the Sirt diet you can integrate everything, without having to exclude any type of food. It will therefore suffice to respect the daily integration of the so-called " Sirt foods", which is a set of foods which, according to British nutritionists, reduce hunger and activate the metabolism.

This book covers:

  • The Sirtfood Diet
  • The Benefits of Sirtfood Diet on the Organs
  • Top 20 Sirtfoods
  • Ways to Follow the Sirtfood Diet Plans
  • Your 3 Weeks Meal Plan

And so much more!

Sirtfood Diet: How does it work?

The great flexibility of the Sirt diet, which according to scholars is divided into two phases, allows those who decide to follow it not to be severe in doing it, that is, the two phases of which it is characterized can be repeated even only occasionally, supporting our needs.

Phase 1 – Weight loss

Phase 1 is also known as the moment of weight loss and lasts for seven days. It is the hardest phase because they are low in calories and the diet is less varied. The first 2-3 days must not exceed 1000 kcal; therefore, the food will focus on three green or centrifuged juices accompanied by a single solid meal. From the third day onwards, the calories can increase to 1500 kcal, feeding with two green juices (or centrifuged) together with two solid meals. It is the "supersonic" phase precisely because slimming is clearly evident in this week.

Phase 2 – Maintenance

Phase 2 lasts about two weeks and is used to maintain and maintain weight loss. Nutritionists recommend three solid meals, to choose from the aforementioned Sirt foods + a green maintenance juice. The calories not to be exceeded reach 2000 kcal, but in this phase more sari is granted with glasses of wine and vegetables at will.

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